Woodwork has always been a passion project for me from the time of childhood. I grew up in a household with parents who oozed creativity and a desire to make things. My father happens to be extremely knowledgeable about anything DIY and I remember him working on engraving our Initials onto a slice of wood to hang in our garden many, many, many years ago. This past weekend, I was looking through some DIY and craft projects and decided to do a search on wood slice projects and to my surprise, I found some beautiful and lovely wood slice ideas that I have to share with you.

1. Mid-Century Rustic Wood Slice End Table

Mid-Century Rustic Wood Slice End Table

Grab the attention of all your guests and infuse some earthy and warm rustic vibes to a cold room with this gorgeous and minimalistic wood slice table.

Wood slice idea via liagriffith

2. Embroidered Wood Slice Tutorial

Embroidered Wood Slice Tutorial

If you’re looking for a simple, sentimental and romantic gift for a loved one, this is a nice little craft gift that they will greatly appreciate.

Wood slice idea via whilewearingheels

3. DIY Hanging Wooden Planter Shelf

DIY Hanging Wooden Planter Shelf

I’ve always een a fan of hanging feature pieces in rooms because they’re so unexpected and eye-catching. Thing is, it can sometimes be complicated to design something good looking which isn’t a problem you’ll face with this hanging wooden planter shelf. Drill a few holes, insert your cable or rope of choice through the wooden slice, secure in place and hang.

Wood slice idea via simplehomesimplelife

4. Instagram Wood Slice Ornament

Instagram Wood Slice Ornament

Valentines is quickly approaching and I couldn’t think of a sweeter sentimental gift for your significant other than by creating this ‘Instagram’ wood slice ornament. In reality, you could use practically any image you life but I’m more than certain that your partner will simply adore it.

Wood slice idea via mayricherfullerbe

5. Beautiful Wood Slice Wall Mirror

Beautiful Wood Slice Wall Mirror

Even though a mirror is a reflective home accessory, it draws peoples attention. Usually, they want to look at themselves but that doesn’t mean they can’t be wowed by the design of a fabulous mirror. In this case, creating this bordered mini wood slice mirror is practically genius.

Wood slice idea via jaimecostiglio

6. Modern Industrial Wood Slice Shelves

Modern Industrial Wood Slice Shelves

If you’ve noticed, there’s been an ongoing change in the home and decor niche surrounding clinical designs. More and more content creators and interior designers are tasked with the challenge of adding some life, color, and depth to a home that just seems too clean. These little additions go along way in making a difference to the feel and look of a room. Plus, they’re actually useful which is a win-win situation, if you ask me.

Wood slice idea via girllovesglam

7. Hand Painted Animal Faces Wood Slices

Hand Painted Animal Faces Wood Slices

Not everything needs to have a decorative or practical use. In some cases, simply spending some time with your kids or friends making cute and creative wooden slice paintings is exactly what you need to have a relaxing, freeing and therapeutic time on the weekend.

Wood slice idea via cuteasafox

8. Rustic Flair Woodland Mini Magnets

Rustic Flair Woodland Mini Magnets

I like these mini magnets, especially since they look pretty artistic and ‘rich’ in comparison to ordinary plastic covered magnets with cheesy stickers on them.

Wood slice idea via suburble

9. Floating Mini Plant Shelf

Floating Mini Plant Shelf

Bohemian Wood Slice Clock

DIY Bohemian Wood Slice Clock

Show off your love for nature and the time you’ve spent on this beautiful planet with this unique and one of a kind wooden slice clock. It’s fairly easy to assemble and I can guarantee you that most people would pester you for details on where you bought this bad boy.

Wood slice idea via bohemiancrossroads

11. DIY Tic Tac Toe Wood Slice Project

DIY Tic Tac Toe Wood Slice Project

As much as I love technology and value all the benefits that come from it, I think it’s important to step away from it every so often and enjoy some fun the old fashioned way. Encourage your kids to get into technology-free gaming ideas by making their own wooden slice tic tac toe board game.

Wood slice idea via karaspartyideas

12. Mini Wooden Slice Table Mat

Mini Wooden Slice Table Mat

Wood slice idea via simons

Wood Stained Ornaments

Raw Wood Stained Ornaments

Here’s one more type of wooden slice gift you can make. You could make all sorts of shapes and decorate them with some beads just for an extra serving of glam.

Wood slice idea via lilblueboo

14. DIY Wooden Grazing Board

If you’re like me and find yourself snacking all day and night long, you may want to try making these wood slice projects. The hardest part of this tutorial is getting a wooden slice (which isn’t hard at all). Then, you need to cure and sand it down.

Wood slice idea via thebirchcottage

15. Monogrammed Stencil Wooden Sliced Coasters

Monogrammed Stencil Wooden Sliced Coasters

Don’t let visrs stain your furniture when you can break out these long-lasting and personalized monogrammed wooden coasters.

Wood slice idea via doleenoted